The Role of Steel in Construction

The Role of Steel in Construction

For any construction, be its a home or a tower or bridges or flyovers, the most fundamental of things is it’s the foundation. A good foundation not only is important for the longevity of the building but also for the safety of the occupants. Now that the importance of a good foundation is established, the next valid question would be to find out how it is that it can be done. Simple, concrete and steel.


How Steel is used in construction?

Steel is generally used in the form of bars of various sizes and dimensions to give the structure, an initial shape. Steel, in its natural state, lacks a certain finesse that it is required to have, hence its properties are enhanced by making them go through a certain Thermo-Mechanical Treatment by hot rolling, quenching and then air cooling the steel in order to obtain a hard and tough outer casing and a soft and strong inner core, allowing them to have properties that are multifold better than their original counterparts.


how steel is used in construction


Steel as TMT Bars and CRS TMT Bars:

Apart from this, TMT bars are known for their corrosion resistance which is obtained by coating a layer of Copper, Chromium or Phosphorus. This makes sure the life of the bars is prolonged. Corrosion resistance often also associates itself with better quality. TMT bars are not only being subject to heavy internal loads, they are also required to be able to withstand adverse conditions, conditions like earthquakes and tremors with high magnitudes because it is under these conditions that the strength and validity of the buildings are really put under tests and the use of TMT bars have proven to be justified.

The strength of the bars is also put under the proverbial microscope under extreme weather conditions, conditions like abnormal winds, extreme heat and thunderstorms and typhoons. Usage of high-quality TMT bars has once again shown itself to be the logically sound decision for they always prove their dominance over ordinary bars.



AMMAN-TRY, India’s largest steel group, from the town of Tiruchirapalli, is one company that is known for its high-quality TMT bars and rings. Their bars are second to none and are corrosion resistant, earthquake resistant and are renowned for their strength, toughness, workability and bendability. Not only do they not provide the highest quality products, but they also provide them at the most economic and justified price points to such an extent that their quality TMT bars are no more expensive than a typical ordinary TMT bar. Simply, the best quality at the best prices.

Summing up, it is important to build a secure structure and one could never go wrong with the right TMT bars.


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