CRS (Corrosion Resistance Steel) bars manufactured by an addition of Copper and Chromium to prevent from the rust and corrosion. Copper will plug the pores in the rust. By adding Chromium (Cr) into steel, increase the passivity of anions. Another advantage is we are making the steel slightly ferrite thus pitting resistance is increased. Chromium also increases the passivity and will form an invisible layer.

Phosphorous acts as inhibitor. This will reduce the anodic reaction. These CRS bars are manufactured through the TMT procedure.


Corrosion resistant

suited for salty & seashore area

Earthquake Resistance



Size Length
06mm, 08mm, 10mm, 12mm,
16mm, 20mm & 25mm
Normal 40 feet /
Specific Length 2 to 60 feet
Chemical Composition
Elements Min % Max %
Carbon 0.15 0.18
Manganese 0.45 0.60
Sulphur 0.030 0.045
Phosphorus 0.030 0.055
Chromium 0.15 0.25
Copper 0.30 0.35
Silicon 0.15 0.25