The Must Have Materials for Building Construction – Part I

The Must Have Materials for Building Construction – Part I

Every building is a dream of someone, and the dream’s life depends on the materials they use while constructing. Be it a small house of a big multiplex building the materials used while constructing determine its durability. The construction industry in India integrates a variety of locally sourced materials, but the durability of the civil or commercial building depends on the correct choice & best quality of building materials. When preparing a construction plan, the materials must be carefully chosen so that they properly fulfill the desired purposes that are expected from them. From TMT rods to Cement here is a checklist of important materials without which any construction project is incomplete:

TMT bars:

A TMT bar determines the life of the building, and so choosing the best TMT bar for a building matters more than anything else. High-quality TMT bars are excellent for ensuring the durability and longevity of your home. When choosing a TMT bar we must ensure that they are ribbed ones and also their bending capacity. These are manufactured using long processes and so they are expandable and protects the building from earthquakes too. Recently the corrosion resistant bars (CRS) is used in the construction because they elongate the life span of the building up to 40%. The CRS is used mainly in the sea-shore areas and areas where the salt content is high to withstand the corrosion.

TMT bars are one of the important materials for construction

For eg: In the factories of AMMAN-TRY, TMT rods are manufactured using the flow of a process which includes heating of raw materials, rolling, treating them with heat followed by quenching (using water). They manufacture CRS bars and sell it at the same price as regular TMT bars.


The next important material used in construction are bricks, be it a small building or a big mall, bricks are an unavoidable part of construction materials. Bricks are basically made of clay and mud which are burnt in the fire and so they become hard to break. They are available in several shapes and offer high strength to the construction. Since the time recorded bricks are used in constructing a building. While constructing bricks are placed one above the other with the mix of cement and sand which makes a strong bond.


Sand is a loose, fragmented, naturally-occurring material consisting of very small particles of decomposed rocks, corals, or shells. Sand is used to provide strength to the building and also used in other construction materials like asphalt and concrete. Sand is used mostly in the mortar(construction paste) in all kinds of constructions. Sand plays a vital role in creating Bulk, Setting, Shrinkage, Strength and Surface Area of the mortar.


Cement is a water-based binder and is perhaps the heart of all kinds of construction across India. This is used to bind with other constructing materials like TMT rods and bricks and elongate the strength of the building. There are 2 types of cement Viz: Hydraulic and non-Hydraulic and the Hydraulic variety is the most used kind of cement. Cement is manufactured widely and has replaced the clay and other elements which were used widely in construction. The cement is easily manufactured and easily usable, yet provide a strong bond for the building.

The above are four unavoidable elements of construction, so while constructing a new building make sure you choose the best quality of all the above 4 materials. We will share more interesting content so keep watching this space.

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