How India is Growing with the Strength of TMT Bars

How India is Growing with the Strength of TMT Bars

Concrete structures can be seen almost everywhere in India in 2019. Skyscrapers in major cities, high dams, long bridges and strong homes are being built every day. After several earthquakes endured in different parts of India during the 1990s and early 2000s, a solution was needed for the construction woes. Luckily, we found one – TMT bars.


What is TMT Bar?

Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are steel bars that are produced in a specially controlled environment to make them stronger than regular bars. These bars go through a metallurgical process, through this quenching process a high strength bar from inexpensive low carbon steel is produced. The TMT bars have low percentages of phosphorus and sulphur, which is a boon for extreme temperature construction and it is used in reinforced cement concrete for construction aided with technological advancements.


Where Do We Use TMT Bars?

TMT bars have come as a boon for the Indian construction industry, especially for construction giants who wanted to build skyscrapers in cities liked Delhi, Mumbai, Pune etc. Ordinary rods used earlier in construction cannot withstand the pressure of more than 3-4 storey buildings. TMT bars of higher grade (Fe500 and above) are known to endure tremendous pressure of concrete. This helps in the construction of high rise buildings, bridges and dams.


What Makes it an All-Purpose Bar?

There are many factors that set TMT bars apart from other contemporary options. Few are listed below:

  • Earthquake resistant: 

    TMT bars have proven to be most effective in earthquake-prone areas due to the tensile strength and superior bend-ability. Schools, hospital and homes in earthquake-prone areas are now becoming safer, with the use of TMT bars in these buildings.

  • Cost-effective: 

    TMT bars are thicker and thus fewer bars are needed now as compared to olden construction days. Production process saves cost since 20% of steel on average is saved in the making of TMT bars. Moreover, high elongation and tensile strength make these bars even more cost-effective.

  • Durable: 

    Due to the corrosion resistant feature, you can be assured that CRS TMT bars are a durable choice for seaside projects. CRS TMT bars can withstand years of fatigue and moisture, they are also fire-resistant, they are able to withstand very high levels of heat.

  • Design freedom: 

    Architects draw incredible and courageous designs on paper, but to turn them into reality is a construction challenge. Since TMT bars are highly weldable, they can be used for unique creative designs; this results in a beautiful building that is ready to be seen in various cities.

One can easily find the best quality TMT bars across India. All the production is supported by the National Steel Policy. The Indian construction fraternity is reaching global standards, a lot of the progress made is due to technological advancements such as the production of TMT bars.

To build strong, durable and creative infrastructure, switch to TMT bars.

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