Advantages of TMT Bars

Advantages of TMT Bars

TMT bars are one of the most important material in construction and it is widely used in building homes, bridges, flyovers and other civil engineering structures. TMT bars are thermo-mechanically treated bars and it can withstand any kind of stress and load thus, protects the building from any damage and ensures super strong building. With the increasing demand for steel and the importance of using the TMT bars in construction, finding the right TMT bar has put a big question in the minds of building owners. Here come a top 5 advantages of TMT bars:

Environment Safe & Secure

Steel has the highest recycling rate of any material, at more than 88%. TMT steel bars can be recycled without compromising on quality. The steel industry is considered as a green industry and AMMAN-TRY is a proud ISO certified steel manufacturer and distributor across India.

Corrosion Resistant Bars – CRS TMT

The corrosion resistant TMT bars are manufactured by blending elements like Copper, Chromium and Phosphorus making it highly corrosion-resistant. One of the main advantages of using TMT bars for constructing your home is that the TMT bars do not need the additional process of cold twisting which makes the bars corrosion resistant. These bars offer superior protection from the humid environment of coastal areas or underground water construction.

Resistant – Fire, Earthquake

AMMAN-TRY TMT bars ensure longer life of the concrete structure and keep the building safer even in fire hazards. TMT bars have higher thermal stability and can retain more than 80% of its ambient temperature yield strength at 300°C. AMMAN-TRY TMT bars have better elongation properties which restrict the inelastic deformation while construction. The high elongation property contributes to safeguarding the building from an unusual event like an earthquake.

Ductility & Bending Property

AMMAN-TRY TMT bars have better elongation properties and it has a high strength to take the stress beyond bearable range. It can be bent as much as possible which becomes a great advantage for construction. Due to high ductile property, the reinforced concrete allows greater stability during adverse environmental strains.


AMMAN-TRY TMT bars are manufactured with the latest technology, utmost care and high quality which ensures the long life of the building. AMMAN-TRY TMT bars have negligible rusting when compared with the conventional CTD bars, this is due to the advanced process of thermomechanical treatment of the steel bars which binds well with the concrete and you can save up to 20% in construction cost.


AMMAN-TRY is a renowned TMT Bar manufacturer and supplier that ensure all the above properties and features are met with the product they offer. AMMAN-TRY Steel is one of the most renowned TMT Bar manufacturers in India who produce the best quality TMT bars, CRS TMT bars, Ready Made Steel (RMS) and super strong Fe-500D bars (AMMAN-TRY 500 guarD) with precise research and ISO certificate.

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